Refrigeration Energy Monitor – EnerG2


Designed by the Madison Energy Group, EnerG2 is a remarkable retrofit device that reduces the energy consumption of commercial grade coolers and freezers. Most coolers and freezers measure the internal temperature by the air density. Every time the door to the refrigerator or freezer is opened, the temperature inside falls or rises. EnerG2 capitalizes on the variations in density and temperature absorption rates of the air verses the food or beverage products inside. Because food and beverage products have different thermal properties than air, the temperature of these items change at various intervals. In other words, the EnerG2 measures the temperature of the food and beverages and not of the cooler, refrigerator, or freezer environment surrounding the EnerG2.

Benefits of the EnerG2

What does the EnerG2 mean for your commercial grade food and beverage storage units?

Quite a lot. For example, walk-in refrigerators waste 15%-30% of their energy on up to 60% more cycles than needed; The EnerG2 also greatly cuts down on these unnecessary cycles, resulting in an estimated 40% to 60% on/off energy cycles. By installing the EnerG2, you’ll save an estimated 20% to 30% on your monthly energy bills. This, in turn, reduces potential maintenance costs on equipment. There’s also a short-term return on investment. Additionally, the EnerG2 significantly reduces carbon emissions by thousands of pounds annually. It’s also endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA).

Because the EnerG2 measures the temperature of the food and beverage and not the surrounding air, food service businesses can serve their products confidently, knowing that the device maintains tighter temperature ranges and promotes food safety.

Installs With Ease

The EnerG2 installs simply, in under five minutes. There’s no confusing electrical or mechanical parts to deal with. The device automatically retrofits to existing temperature probe; plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

In Good Company

But don’t take our word for it: companies such as McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and Panera Bread, and theme parks such as Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World’s resorts all use the EnerG2, to powerful results.