Energy Efficient Roof Ventilation

Energy Efficient Roof Ventilation Solatube Solar Star

Heat rises. Because of this basic principle, hotter air often collects in the roof cavity, making it harder to cool your home and reduce energy costs. Seem like a minor item on your energy to-do list? Not so. Properly ventilating the roof or attic area can allow your home to breathe and, in turn, allow your insulation to work smarter and reduce heat in the roof cavity. Our solar powered or electrical rooftop ventilation fans will not only drastically reduce indoor heat, but they can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Solar Powered Roof Ventilation

A Solar Powered Rooftop Ventilation system, such as our Solaro Aire solar powered attic fan from Solaro Energy, comes with many benefits. The first is that, like other solar powered products, this solar fan for attics costs almost nothing to use, since it’s entirely powered by a free resource: the sun. Because it’s completely solar powered, it’s an entirely environmentally friendly product. This solar attic fan combats rising heat, resulting in lower energy bills. Additionally, the Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System takes aim at moisture, before it causes costly rot or mildew problems. You’ll see the cost benefits of this solar fan for attics all year round. Summer ventilation gives you cooler living spaces and lower utility bills, while winter ventilation protects your home from potential fungus, mold, and other serious problems caused by the accumulation of moisture.

Electrical Roof Ventilation

The Electrical Roof Ventilation System, usually an electric attic fan, is often powerful and fairly inexpensive. It also combats rising heat and may result in a reduced carbon footprint. Many of these systems will have a thermostat built into it, so that the Electrical Roof Ventilation System can monitor the moisture and heat in the attic area. Some use this system to replace existing wind turbines. As with the Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System, the Electrical Roof Ventilation offers considerable savings while protecting your home or business from rot, fungus, mold, or damaging moisture.

We’re also able to recommend existing solar fan tax credits, rooftop ventilation fan credits, or incentives for you. Purchasing one of our Solaro Energy products? Then, you’re eligible to receive a 30% Federal tax credit on both the installation and product cost. Looking for more ways to go green while saving your green? Ask about our energy assessments and take advantage of hidden savings.