10 Reasons Green Certification is the Profitable Move for Your Business

Today, business sustainability is the management and coordination of financial, environmental, and social demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical, and ongoing success. If managed correctly, it is possibly the most powerful tool a business can use to achieve superior profit and operational performance. Here are 10 reasons why a green certification is not only an eco-conscious decision but also a profitable move for your business.

1. Point of Differentiation

Your market may be expansive with multiple competitors; however, how many of them offer the same goods and services you offer sustainably? By becoming green certified, you will develop relationships with sustainable suppliers and open yourself to an entire market of eco-conscious consumers

2. Improved Financial Performance

By switching to more sustainable practices, you are not only allowing your existing customers to lessen their carbon footprint, but you are also gaining new customers who only do business with sustainable companies. This will greatly increase profits, improving your company’s financial performance. Once green certified, SuperGreen Solutions helps you market your business as a sustainable one, opening it up to a whole new market.

3. Increased Revenues

By decreasing energy costs and gaining new customers, you will see an increase in the bottom line. Between greater sales and lower operational costs, your business becomes more profitable. SuperGreen Solutions helps you determine the best way to switch to more sustainable operational practices to decrease both costs and your carbon footprint.

4. New Market Penetration

As previously mentioned, becoming a sustainable business opens you up to a market of consumers who strictly purchase from green companies. By becoming green certified with SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 Certification, you find yourself within a network of eco-conscious suppliers and consumers.

5. Enhanced Product/Operational Performance

Through the energy management service, SuperGreen Solutions determines which aspects of your operations is using the most energy. Once a new energy source is established, it can be controlled through one user-friendly system that allows for in-depth monitoring of overall energy usage.

6. Improved Hiring and Staff Retainage

Customers are not the only ones attracted to green businesses. By getting green certified, you are giving your employees a cause to rally around, improving overall performance and staff retention. Also, you are positioning your business as a more desirable workplace when it comes to recruitment.

7. Improved Public Image

No business was ever ridiculed for attempting to save the planet. On the contrary, choosing more sustainable practices often sets a business apart from the rest. The public responds positively toward a company that chooses to commit to a green certification and even more so when they succeed in acquiring one.

8. Increased Valuation

Decreased operational costs and increased profits make your business more valuable. With a green certification, you are setting yourself apart from your competitors. Should you ever want to sell your business, it becomes a popular marketing point and one SuperGreen Solutions can help with.

9. Improved Employee Engagement

If employees feel a sense of comradery and ownership with adopting greener practices in the workplace, they will feel more engaged. SuperGreen Solutions guides a sustainability committee made up of your staff to implement the operational changes to qualify for the green certification.

10. Reduced costs

When switching to eco-conscious energy sources, like wind energy or solar panels, electricity bills decrease exponentially. SuperGreen Solutions provides an energy audit which determines the energy usage for all aspects of your business and determines the best approach for green certification. Through our energy management system, you can control your usage on a daily basis.

Have you considered pursuing green certification for your business? If not, now is the time to make the move towards differentiation and market leadership. Contact SuperGreen Solutions to learn more about our exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 certification.

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