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SuperGreen Solutions is an energy advisory and project management franchise operated in Ireland and Nth Ireland by Skelligs Energy. We help small and medium enterprises increase revenues and profitability by becoming more sustainable and implementing common sense, energy saving and green initiatives with optional ISO14001 compliance.

Why a sustainable business?

Today, business sustainability is the management and coordination of financial, environmental, and social demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical, and ongoing success. If managed correctly, it is possibly the most powerful tool a business can use to achieve superior profit and operational performance. Sustainable business solutions, especially in compliance with ISO14001 can materially increase the revenues and reduce the costs in an SME whether it is in manufacturing, agriculture, agri-food or leisure ... and all investments go straight to the company profit line.

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Managing your energy costs

When switching to eco-conscious energy sources, like wind energy or solar panels, electricity bills decrease exponentially. SuperGreen Solutions provides an energy audit which determines the energy usage for all aspects of your business and determines the best approach for green certification. Through our energy management system, you can control your usage on a daily basis.

Have you considered pursuing green certification for your business? If not, now is the time to make the move towards differentiation and market leadership.

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Considering a move to solar?

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth, with 173,000 terawatts striking the earth continuously. Best of all, solar energy is free, green and creates no extra pollution, unlike oil, which creates hazardous carcinogens and carbon dioxide. By using solar energy, we protect our environment and the precious air that we breathe. The use of home solar panels, for example, won’t cause pollution. As long as the sun shines, your home or business can receive the unique benefit of solar powered energy; the more sunlight you’ll gain from a solar energy system, the less traditional electricity you’ll need.

With many options including PV and PVT for energy and water heating solutionsnow available with considerable grant support, and recent increases in carbon taxes, this would be be a good time to consider a change ...

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Franchises available:

  • Dublin Nth

  • Waterford / Wexford

  • Galway / Mayo

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